ThermoClad is a patent pending All-Weather Ventilation Insulation Protection using Thermoplastic Olefin technology. This technology is widely used in the roofing industry. ThermoClad is specifically designed for the mechanical insulation weather protection on exterior ventilation systems. ThermoClad has a 25 year warranty against UV deterioration.

This is an installation of a Venture Clad finish on a make-up air duct. Venture Clad is a more economic alternative to Aluminum jacket finishes, commonly used on outdoor air duct systems.

Venture Clad can also be used as an alternative to a Canvas finished for indoor solutions.

This is an installation of ArmeFlex insulation on rooftop air conditioning from 7 air conditioning units.

We installed the ArmeFlex insulation to prevent condensation from forming, and to maximize the efficiency of the air conditioning units. ArmeFlex’s unique properties allow it to remain mold free even when saturated.

This is a PVC jacket finish applied to a 16” Chilled Water Return Line. We also installed mitered elbows and fittings for the PVC insulation. Our policy is to do the job right. This is why we do not believe in using flexible duct wrap for piping insulation.

We installed this to increase energy efficiency of the piping system, and eliminate condensation from forming on the pipe.

This is an aluminum jacket finish on roof top air condition lines completed in 2012.

We installed these aluminum jacket finishes to protect the air condition lines from Manitoba’s extreme outside elements. This application of aluminum jacket finish could also be applied to a heating system solution.


After 25 years in the mechanical insulation industry and being registered with the International Association Of Heat & Frost Insulators & Allied workers Local 99 for 24 years and still a member to date. Lowcost Mechanical Insulation & Maintenance was founded by Dan Nolin in April 2012 and is signatory to Local 99.

We are able to obtain more skilled mechanical insulators from the local 99 for larger projects. We are able to work on high security projects and insured for 5 million. LowCost Mechanical Insulation & Maintenance take pride in the “old school” way of pipe insulation. We do not believe in stuffing silver duct wrap under plastic elbows and fittings. We believe that if the customer is requesting and paying for pipe insulation then the customer should receive mitered/preformed pipe insulation on elbows and fittings. We will only be happy when our clients are satisfied.